About Us - Oceanfront Engineering
Oceanfront Engineering provides engineering, inspection and other quality control services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy & power industries.
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OCEANFRONT ENGINEERING is a consulting firm that provides Engineering, Inspection and other Quality Control services to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy & Power industries.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness for mechanical, structural, civil, marine and electrical engineering and design activities involving product liability, personal injury, design and construction flaw analysis. Commercial and industrial equipment of all types are represented.

Engineering, Inspection

Engineering, Inspection and Expediting of upstream, mid-stream and downstream equipment, including pumps, gas and steam turbines, compressors, motors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, concrete, skid fabrication, monitoring systems, offshore and onshore oil & gas production, power generation gear, electrical devices, piers, bridges and marinas, cranes, chemical and petro-chemical equipment.

Surveys, Examination, Analysis

Corrosion surveys, non-destructive examination, vibration analysis, spectrum cascades, thermography, ultrasonic testing for weld defects and material thickness verification for a variety of metals, including titanium, tantalum, aluminum, stainless, zirconium, hastelloy and carbon steel.

Training, Auditing

Training for NDT methods. Training in ISO-9000 Quality Management fundamentals and Quality Auditing, including authoring of QA/QC manuals and technical procedures.


Manufacturer Representation for new inventions and designs for commercial industry.

Oceanfront Engineering matches the best qualified expert, engineer, diver or inspector for each project.