Equipment Proficiency - Oceanfront Engineering
Oceanfront Engineering provides engineering, inspection and other quality control services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy & power industries.
engineering inspection, quality control services, oil & gas engineering inspection, petrochemical engineering inspection, energy & power engineering inspection
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Equipment Proficiency

Upstream: Offshore & Onshore

Subsea Steel Catenary Riser Strain Monitoring Systems

Subsea Acoustic Communication Equipment

Subsea Cabling & Umbilical Connections

SCR and Pipeline Pull-in Chain & Gripper Jacks

Rig Skidding, Restraint and Leveling Jacks

Overhead Bridge Cranes & Winches

Instrumentation & Logging Systems


Drillpipe, Conductor, Injection and Production Pipe

Permanent Downhole Gauges Chambers

Bottom Hole Pressure Chambers

Blowout Preventers

Plug Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Choke Valves

Gas Lift Valves

Christmas Trees, Valves & Flanges

Tubing Hangers

Casing & Tubing

Spools & Manifolds

Bucking Machinery

Structural Steel

Passive (Galvanic) Cathodic Protection

Hyperbaric Pressure Chambers

Desalination & Water Sterilization Systems  

Gas Turbine Engine Driven Generators  

Heat Exchangers  

Lube Oil Systems  

Fire Suppression Systems

Enclosures & Containers

Oilfield & Process Skids

Midstream / Downstream

LNG Pipeline

LNG Trailers

Boilers, Pressure & Reactor Vessels  


Gas Turbine Engines  

Magnetic Levitation Control for Rotating Equipment

Gas Compressors  

Cryogenic Pumps  

Specialty Valves

Reciprocating, Centrifugal Pumps & Blowers  

Space Heaters

Vibration Monitoring Systems  

SCADA Systems

LCP / PLC / DCS / Unit Control Panels 


Steam Turbines  



Boiler Feeds

Safety & Transfer Pumps



Sulphur Trioxide Injection Systems

Molten Sulphur Storage Tanks


Photovoltaic Solar Farms

Wind Farms