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Oceanfront Engineering provides engineering, inspection and other quality control services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy & power industries.
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  • Hydrotesting Shell in Tube Heat Exchanger Coils

    Heat Exchangers

  • Remote Control Panel with HMI for Gas Turbine Engine

    Control Panels

  • Leak Testing Expander-Compressor Casings

    Gas Leak Testing

  • Ferrite Testing-Duplex Stainless Steel

    Non Destructive Testing

  • GT Engine Enclosure


  • Fabrication of Bridge Crane

    Overhead Bridge Cranes

  • Hydrotesting API6A Gate Valves

    Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Bently Nevada Proximitor Sensors


  • Post Mechanical Run Bearing Inspection

    Rotating Equipment

  • Crated Valves for Overseas Shipment

    Packing & Crating

  • Welding Flange on Pressure Vessel Pipe


  • Steam Turbine Rotor for Nuclear Power Plant


  • Coating Inspection of Platform Supports

    Structural Steel

  • Yard Valve Control Testing

    Logic Testing

  • Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Reactor Vessels

  • Hydraulic Cylinders for Gripper Jacks

    Hydraulic Equipment

  • Megger Testing

    Electrical Testing

  • API6D DAN-EX Plug Valves at Western Valve


  • Coatings

  • Quick Close Valve-Pneumatic Actuated

    Pneumatic Equipment

Energy and Power

Nuclear Power, Solar & Wind Power generation projects including Thermal Towers, Steam Turbines, Control Valves, Switchgear & E-Houses, Solar Thermal Mirrors, Photovoltaic Solar Farms, and Wind Turbines.
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